Smart Allergy Mom Website

Children’s Claritin® is currently the #1 pediatrician recommended brand of allergy medication. But 70% of moms who ask for a specific brand will get it from their physician. Our task was to reinforce brand awareness and ensure that when she went to her child’s pediatrician, she asked for Children’s Claritin®.

Our answer was the Smart Allergy Mom Toolkit, a lightly branded, comprehensive and mobile-friendly digital destination for moms seeking information on seasonal allergies. Instead of focusing on selling Children’s Claritin®, the Smart Allergy Mom Toolkit supports Mom on her child’s journey from symptom to diagnosis and treatment. It offers tools to help prepare her for the initial pediatrician visit. And it provides resources to help Mom with long-term management of her child’s allergies.

Through valuable content and coupons in the appropriate places, Children’s Claritin® is building strong, positive and trusting relationships between mothers and their brand.