Hyponatremia Awareness

Hyponatremia is an electrolyte disturbance in which the sodium ion concentration in the plasma is lower than normal. These ads were part of an hyponatremia awareness advertorial series that called out the dangers of the condition. This unbranded campaign helped increase sales of SAMSCA®, the leading product in the category.

This ad called out the dangers of the condition to not only the patient, but in this case, the hospital itself. Hospitals do not appreciate the added costs associated with hyponatremia and how it can result in a significant economic burden, due to increased readmissions when not appropriately diagnosed.

Rx Club Award of Excellence, Professional Journal Campaign

Hyponatremia Virtual Patient: Augmented Reality Program

To increase awareness of hyponatremia at medical conventions, a user-activated augmented reality program was developed.

The user takes an ipad and points it at a marker on a hospital bed.

A virtual patient appears on the ipad screen and highlights the three areas hyponatremia can cause severe harm: brain, heart, and kidneys.

Click on a particular area of the body…

and a screen pops up giving more in-depth statistics.