DIFFERIN® is a prescription acne medication that is marketed to teens and has a lot of competition. It has the same strength as other retinoids, but is much more tolerable, which makes the teens taking it more compliant. This website was directed to patients and their parents, and explained the various aspects of acne, and how DIFFERIN® is the best choice to help control it. It was part of a trackable RM and DTC program that debunked common myths, offered a free trial, frequent-user incentives, and a tell-a-friend program, which added to the customer database. It was designed to appeal to a younger audience and was written with an empathetic, and helpful tone of voice.

There was also a separate section targeted to healthcare professionals, that displayed side-by-side comparisons of the efficacy of DIFFERIN® vs the competition after four and eight weeks, tolerability data, and patient discussion tips.

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Over the years, Differin’s main competitive advantage was it’s tolerability. However, doctors thought tolerability was an implied weakness, and continued to prescribe the competition. This successful relaunch campaign, which included print, RM, web, and sales materials, turned sales around dramatically as healthcare professionals started to think of it in a new way. I also redesigned the logo.

Rx Club Awards: SILVER, Professional Journal ad