Claritin Blue Sky Living

Claritin® enjoys high brand awareness and strong efficacy. But in a competitive market with large media spends and heavily discounted products, sufferers believe they can spend less without sacrificing efficacy. In this environment, Claritin® struggles to retain consumers from season to season. We needed to create brand excitement and deep consumer relationships in order to demonstrate the value of the brand beyond the pill.

Based on positive business case findings, the team developed a purpose-driven, category-leading engagement platform where allergy sufferers can get advice, tools, and inspiration, as well as access valuable offers.

Why? To help them have the freedom to live a more vibrant life.

This program delivers personalized content via monthly emails, creates personal experiences when logged into the website, and tailors content and offers based on geographic region, seasonal vs. year-round allergies, and family composition. All efforts are integrated and amplified through social, PR, and media communications.