Additional Print Ads

Looking for additional print work? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few single assignments and campaigns I’ve done over the years that have won new business and various awards.

These ads were pitched and helped win the Silenor business for Rosetta. Various humorous scenes, including these were executed in print ads, showing what happens the next morning without a good night’s sleep. Additional physician and consumer support materials were also produced.

Most treatments for psoriasis are greasy or oily and therefore, unpleasant for the patient to use. The launch strategy of Clobex focused on its key benefits: the power of its active ingredient clobetasol, which is formulated in a non-greasy lotion. This unique campaign ran for many years and helped gain a strong foothold in the category.

Rx Club Awards: Excellence, Professional Journal ad

MM&M Awards: Excellence, Professional Journal ad

The objective of this campaign was to help HCPs and payors understand FDA-approved Opioids with Abuse Deterrent Properties (OADPs)—how to identify which ones do and don’t incorporate these properties, how to evaluate their potential to reduce abuse and diversion, and why they should be adopted into clinical practice.

Cardionet makes devices that monitor high-risk cardiac arrest patients. When an event occurs, this device alerts the designated EMS channel and monitors the situation until help arrives. We chose not to show patients in distress, but rather a simple demonstration of the technology, based on a well-known expression.

Rx Club Awards: SILVER, Professional Journal ad

This simple visual was an airport poster and in-flight ad announcing the global alliance of USAir and British Airways. It positioned it as the largest global airline network at the time, with flights to virtually anywhere. It’s currently on the wall at McCann NY as part of their permanent collection of famous campaigns over the years.

Many people consider contraception a serious and sometimes controversial issue. For Preven, an agent indicated for emergency contraception, it was essential to discuss these sensitive issues in a simple and consumer-friendly environment. This campaign launched with healthcare professional and consumer print ads, in-office materials, a patient RM program and a website.

Rx Club Awards: GOLD, Professional Journal ad

How do you stand apart from the competition when you are a single realtor in a town filled with multi-office conglomerates? By stating how that single office is actually an advantage, because its agents live in the same town and therefore know the area better than the competitors.

Westchester Advertising Awards: Best Print Campaign