Opioids with
Abuse Deterrent Properties Website

The objective of this website was to help HCPs and Payors understand FDA-approved Opioids with Abuse Deterrent Properties (OADPs)—how to identify which ones do and don’t incorporate these properties, how to evaluate their potential to reduce abuse and diversion, and why they should be adopted into clinical practice. The concept included various members of society forming a “Team” to help control opioid abuse by advocating the dispensing of opioids with these properties.

Given the history of opioid abuse and the current environment of caution and governmental scrutiny; fear of opioid-associated abuse/diversion can make physicians reluctant to prescribe opioids— leaving patients with insufficiently controlled pain.

In order for everyone to appreciate the potential of OADPs in the community, we wanted to first help them understand the true nature of opioid abuse and diversion and the valuable role OADPs play in addressing this problem.

This site was designed in a parallax format to retain user interest and bring key statistics to life.